A Cautious Approach to Jacksonville 2021 Reunion Planning is Warranted

The broad circumstances imposed by the reality of COVID 19 have led your Board of Directors, Associate Directors and Reunion Chairman Ken Annino to structure an Op Plan for our March 2021 Reunion in Jacksonville FL focused on the safety and welfare of all registrants.

The planners’ focus is to anticipate the needs of registrants should the threat of Covid 19 continue into the first quarter of 2021.

To highlight this cautious approach, FLEXIBILITY becomes the key parameter! To achieve the desired flexibility, our planning incorporates:

  • Negotiated agreements with hotel and vendors that protects both the Perry Reunion Association and all registrants in the event of cancellation.
  • Continuous monitoring of COVID 19 in FL
  • A final “go or no go” decision January 2021
  • Refund of registration payment if Reunion is canceled
  • Hotel reservation canceled without any cancelation fee

With these precautions in place your Board, Associate Directors and Ken are confident that registrants are adequately protected and urge early registration!

Reunion Information